Our Story

Autonomy, precision agriculture, infotainment, smart grid systems—you know what they look like, we’re experts in knowing what makes them work.

It’s the part of the product that people don’t see, that thing that makes smart-embedded technology tick, that’s the differentiator in every market. Vehicles aren’t hardware, they’re software—it’s the software that tells the hardware how to perform. So we thought, why aren’t big businesses testing their software first, before their hardware is fully developed? Then we thought, ya know what, the companies that build hardware aren’t world-class software developers, we are.

And that’s how it all started—when we, a group of highly-skilled software craftsman from Pillar Technology, took note that our skills were being utilized in a predominantly hardware-based environment. We noticed a gap in how projects were getting done, and decided to fill that gap with a speed-to-market, cost-efficient solution. Like most industry game changers, LOOP came to life out of necessity. 

The hardware-based environment that we’ve been living in for over 20 years lacked the ability to ‘mock’ hardware within a SIL and HIL testing environment. We needed a new testing process that wasn’t constrained by the availability of hardware—test-driven development that could be ran on 100% software simulated, virtual hardware. So we created it.

Our Team


CTO of Embedded Products

Ever since DJ decided not to pursue a career as a Jedi (age 12), he’s been drawn to making things. He’s not a left or a right-brain thinker—he uses the whole thing. As the CTO of Embedded Products, the balance between creative and analytical thinking fits him to a T. DJ’s primary focus is shaping the technical direction and vision of LOOP’s continued development, with particular attention to balance between culture and growth. 

Outside of work, he can usually be found on two wheels—cycling or motorcycling. You can also catch him fly fishing in the great outdoors or building autonomous drones.


VP of Engineering

Kimberly is an Everlasting Gobstopper® filled with enthusiasm, strategy and engineering. With favorite words like ‘nebulous’ and ‘pickle,’ it’s no surprise that Kimberly uses no-constraints thinking to derive solutions to complex problems. With over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sector, she strives to make an impact by connecting the dots between people, places and things. She’s having a hard time locating dot 343, could that be you? 

In her free time, she enjoys DIY projects, techno-fashion, soccer and roller skating.


Software Craftsman

Butch has been bashing bits since 1976. He also likes to keep things short and sweet. 

In no particular order, he’s also been known to go by husband, dad, reader, cook and world-class procrastinator.


Embedded Engineer

Rob’s main mission in life is to help change the world for the better through the application of elegantly crafted technology. He has worked on the design and development of real-time embedded software and hardware systems for over 30 years.  As the maestro of mischief, he enjoys good old-fashioned fun while developing rock-solid technology—he’s in his element when transforming inspirations from the virtual world into solutions for the physical world.  

On the flip side, you can find him digitizing and remastering his hefty vinyl collection, drinking beer, watching Monty Python movies and capitalizing on opportunities of generating the awkward silence in group settings.



Starting out with Big Track, Chris has been interested in electronics and computers since he was a kid. Being in the tech biz for over 23 years, he feels most at home with *nix and Windows systems—he has even developed software for each using a number of programming languages. His favorite being C# and the .Net framework. 

Oh, and his favorite color? Clear. When he’s not talkin’ tech, you can find him strumming his six string, head banging to some metal, cruising on his Harley or spending quality time with his wife and five kids.


Software Artisan

Immersed in computers at an early age, Derek has over 20-years professional software development experience in areas like architecture, manufacturing, medical devices and wireless safety-critical sensor systems. He enjoys a challenge, so if you have something you value, and you don’t want it taken apart, don’t leave it within any radius of him! He’s a general tinkerer of anything and everything that fits in his garage. 

He’s also a family man, pet lover and outdoor enthusiast.


Top Secret...

Bill is a clandestine black-ops developer who flies under the radar. Literally. He cut his teeth developing state-of-the-art, software-driven radar systems. He has spent his entire 35+ year career working complex systems—no matter the language, operating system or hardware platform. Bill prides himself on being a bit of a maverick, offering innovative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking—emphasis on “solutions”. 

Bill’s into the outdoors, and camping with his wife and dogs—they match his energy level.